Welcome to RNAComposer, a fully automated RNA structure modeling server. (Mirror site: rnacomposer.ibch.poznan.pl)

The RNAComposer system offers a new user-friendly approach to the fully automated prediction of large RNA 3D structures. The method is based on the machine translation principle and operates on the RNA FRABASE database acting as the dictionary relating RNA secondary structure and tertiary structure elements.

RNAComposer works in two modes:
  • interactive mode - allows to work on one RNA molecule of interest at a time; its use is limited up to 500 nt residues and results in a single 3D-RNA structure model. Input your RNA sequence and secondary structure (Example 1 and Example 2) or sequence only (Example 3). Example 3 is offered for introductory purposes.
  • batch mode - is designed for large-scale automated modeling of RNA structures up to 500 nt residues, based on user-defined RNA secondary structures. As an input a set of up to 10 RNA sequences can be used. This mode is available only for registered users.
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Enter RNA sequence and secondary structure in dot-bracket format (Example 1 and Example 2) or sequence only (Example 3). A maximum sequence length is limited to 500 residues.
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